Blind — A thriller

Sanjana Kumari
3 min readMar 4, 2023
The eyes which could bewitch anyone

“Open your eyes.”

“Everything is still blurred to me, dadda.”

“It will eventually get better,” the surgeon replied.

“Your daughter is lucky. We just received an organ to perform this transplant. The donor passed away before we could save her, we called the police for verification. But sadly, her face has been badly crushed, which makes the body unrecognizable.”

“I suppose the Almighty has some mercy upon us, or after such an accident, recovering the eyes in an undamaged condition is next to a miracle.”

“Indeed, MR. Eden”

Almost a month has passed. It still feels like Laura was with us yesterday. I don’t know what I have done in my past life to have to see a day like this.

“Betty, don’t go around the balcony! You may get hurt.”

“Okay, mumma”

The doctor told us Betty will regain her sight slowly, but it feels like we have to wait until eternity. I should have passed away before birthing. At least my twins didn’t have to….

-Penelope, stop!

-Laura will always be in our hearts.

“Steve, why is God testing us for this long? Haven’t we been faithful enough? We never sinned, did charity, were kind, and looked after oldies at the retirement home. WE DID EVERYTHING AS A GOD’S CHILD.”

“I don’t know, honey,” Steve replies weepingly.

The Edens couple were comforting each other. While Betty was inside. Everything was seemingly going well until Betty screamed and fainted.

After listening to Betty screaming for help, Pen and Steve rushed to their daughter. But, what they found in the room left them flabbergasted.

Betty’s right cornea had disappeared.

For a moment, the couple thought they both were hallucinating. But, when Betty gained her conscience, the world took a flip.

She claimed she could now see clearly.

“Betty, are you okay? I mean…”

“Yes, dadda what has happened to me?”

“What in the world would happen to your 16-year-old princess when you are here to protect me.”

The couple hysterically gazed at each other for a minute.

“Mumma, I am hungry, and where is Laura? I miss her so much! She told me she would come back in a moment if I kept my eyes closed. I hate her. She is a liar.”

There was something that happened at the Edens’ house, which nobody could configure.

To avoid the matter from worsening, the couple decided not to break the news of the demise of Laura to Betty for a while.

What else could the couple do? They decided to play along, and months passed by. Betty was still the same, though it felt like she somehow forgot what had happened before the incident and the whereabouts of Laura.

Laura and Betty were identical twins. They were so similar that even their mother couldn’t differentiate between them. However, the stark difference between them was their eyes.

Betty was blind in the right eye, while Laura was blessed with sparkling, angelic eyes. The blue tint with a hint of olive could make anyone stare at them for a long.

That wasn’t the case, Laura was sidelined in the school over Betty as she wasn’t as humble as Betty. People found her full of pride; hence, nobody wanted to be friends with her.

Betty had it all, even if she was disabled.

She was even the favorite child in the house.

But now Laura has gone…

Well, that’s what the world thinks…

No, Betty?

I am sorry that I pushed you while playing around the town bridge… I had no other option left…

I hope our parents can never recover your body, or they will know the truth.

I have sacrificed a lot for this life. After all, I poke out my right eye as an immolate.

-Well, for how long will you lie?

-One day, they will realize your dirty truth


“SHUT UP!!!”


-“Betty, who are you talking to in the room?”

“No one, mumma.”



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